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  • Jason

    February 5, 2021 at 12:19 am

    Tuesday I topped 5 of the 7 keepers. Front and center Thai I’m holding off. I pissed off my younger seedlings and likely will cull them all. Tried to wake up microbes by watering in the fabric pots real good and they fell victim to small plant large pot initial over watering issue it appears. They are not at all happy. That could also be the cause of the paleness of the Thai. Time will tell. Live and learn. It’s ok as it looks like they are all starting to get their feet and take off. You can see the diversity in strain characteristics here. They are in week 5 of veg.

    NL X AK47- rear left
    Critical Amnesia-front left
    Landrace Thai-3 center
    Sour Diesel-2 on right

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